• Beloved

    When your beloved is infuriated,
    Don’t lose temper, or become melancholic,
    Hold her hand and let her wail,
    Devour her angry shouts with as greedy ears... more »

  • I Am Alive

    I feel no joy, no sorrow,
    I am feeling empty, I am feeling hollow,
    Some vampire sucks my life ether from inside,
    Her fangs are pierced into my soul's neck,... more »

  • Lost

    When the darkness falls,
    When the silence prevails,
    When the air freezes,
    when the stir stops,... more »

  • My Room

    Table mute, clock still, books silent,
    Pitiable is the loneliness of my room,
    My room, from years, is counting
    Every throb of my heart stealthily,... more »

  • Uncertain

    It is very foggy out there,
    Like life nothing is clear,
    Park's lights are far away,
    Looking pale and distant,... more »

  • You

    The light begins to diminish,
    When you are not around,

    The oxygen begins to immerse in air,... more »