Qiniso Mogale Comments (3)

Such inspiring poems.
Qiniso Mogale from Manzini, Swaziland is a very nice multi-talented, intelligent international poet of this age who is young and dynamic. His poems reflect high values which are beneficial for society. He speaks truth through humor and metaphor about current political status. His poems on love, life, nature, religions and politics carry philosophical values. Mogale's legendary achievement shines always. He is a poetic star who shines bright. May God bring happiness for him and family!
This great poet does not mince words when it comes to God and the truth. His poems are thoughtful and rich in both truth, beauty, and intelligence. He has much wisdom to share with the rest of mankind. God blesses those who give him the Glory. You are truly blessed my friend and fellow poet. When you search and ask for wisdom, God is generous. He has given you a treasure chest of gems to share with the world. Thank you.