• À Clash Of The Titans

    When two elephants fight
    the grass suffers
    The superpowers are battling
    The world powers are clashing... more »

  • A Cry For Justice

    A cry for justice
    A cry for vengeance
    A cry for retribution
    A cry for vindication... more »

  • A Crying Shame

    Crime has skyrocketed
    Governments ruled by greed
    Women and children abused
    The populace led by the corrupt... more »

  • A Journey Well Travelled

    Life is a journey
    We must travel with caution
    There are many landmines
    There are many pitfalls... more »

  • A Light Shining From Afar

    À light shines from miles away
    A light shines from kilometres away
    A light shines from moons away
    A light shines from far away... more »

  • A Numb Heart

    A heart that no longer cries
    A heart that no longer mourns
    A heart that no longer weeps
    A heart that no longer breaks... more »

  • A Salute To Greatness

    A salute to great poets
    A salute to Homer
    A salute to Laozi
    A salute to Sappho... more »

  • A Thin Line

    A thin line separates love
    and hate
    A thin line separates sanity
    and insanity... more »

  • A Time To Stand Alone

    A person is born alone
    A person will die alone
    A person will face judgement alone
    In life there comes a time when one... more »

  • A Tribute To Mothers

    A salute to mothers
    A salute to nurturers
    A tribute to mothers
    A tribute to nurturers.... more »

  • A User Friendly God

    Satan has convinced many a lukewarm Christian that God is less than who He actually is - Sovereign Lord.
    Satan has made sin seem palatable
    Satan is good at taking the edge off the conviction of the Holy Spirit
    He uses modern pastors to make God seem modern... more »

  • A Warning Rejected

    A warning rejected since time past
    A warning despised since time past
    A warning ignored since time immemorial
    A warning scorned since time immemorial... more »

  • Adult Children

    They are grown men and women
    They, however, behave like little children
    They lack personal responsibility
    They suffer from self absorbed irresponsibility... more »

  • Africa You Beauty

    Mother Africa
    Queen Africa
    Sitting on the throne
    Majestic in beauty... more »

  • African Heroes And Villains

    Africa has given birth to men of dignity
    Africa has given birth to men of integrity
    Africa had given birth to morally upright men
    Africa has given birth to righteous men... more »

  • Africa's Greatest Has Fallen

    Africa's tallest tree has fallen!
    Africa's tallest tree has fallen!
    Africa's greatest son breathes no more!
    Africa's brightest star shines no more!... more »

  • After Death We Must Still Live

    After our burial we must still live
    While sleeping in our graves
    we must still live
    After last rites are performed... more »

  • Against All Odds

    Against all circumstances
    I rise again
    Against all situations
    I rise again... more »

  • Agony Of First Love

    The heart won't release the one
    it loved first
    The heart won't let go of the one
    it first loved... more »

  • Alive Yet Dead

    They are in darkness
    They are in chains
    They are slaves
    They are hopeless... more »

  • All Is Not What It Seems

    Not all open eyes see
    Most may actually be fast asleep
    Not all closed eyes are asleep
    Some are actually seeing far ahead... more »

  • All That Glitters Ain't Gold

    All that glitters ain't gold
    All is not what it seems
    Many promises are false
    Many people are foxes in sheep skin... more »

  • An Old Man Sitting Under A Tree

    An old man sitting under a tree
    Sees much further than a boy
    standing on top of a tree
    An old man sittting at the bottom of a mountain... more »

  • An Unsinkable And Unbreakable Spirit

    A courageous spirit
    A persevering spirit
    An unsinkable spirit
    An unshakable spirit... more »

  • Ancient Of Days

    Jehovah God Almighty
    Ancient of Days
    Alpha and Omega
    Enthroned above the winged creatures... more »