• 3 Words

    Wake up and see,
    look near the birds!
    You'll just find me,
    trying to say three words.... more »

  • Fool For You

    Guess what I am,
    you're right, a fool.
    But as a fool,
    I have this one rule.... more »

  • My Love

    you're a small walk away,
    you're a memory in my heart.
    we're in 2 different worlds,
    we're a galaxy apart.... more »

  • Resurface

    Dark corners are home,
    life's not bright.
    resurface and come,
    into the light.... more »

  • Your Personality

    you're as cute as a flower,
    as cold and cool as ice.
    But what you need to work on,
    is being a maybe nice.... more »