• All This Will Pass

    Light overtakes darkness... more »

  • As The Children Grow

    While staring through my window I see the familiar yet somewhat older faces,
    I just wonder just where the time has gone.... more »

  • Boasting Of Nothing

    How clever he was to convey such a message
    As she stared cross-eyed
    He continued his contradictions.... more »

  • Hope- I Hope This Helps

    Just remember that hope goes a long way.
    As long as you have a little you are still doing okay.
    Everything will be alright, the sun will start to shine,... more »

  • How Do You Treat Your Father

    How do you treat your father?
    Do you treat your father the way you treat God?
    Do you talk to him just when you need something?
    Or do you talk to him only when he calls?... more »

  • My Love Poem

    I chase the waves but they can’t be caught,
    Keeping still is the hardest part.
    I long for your hands to cup my face,
    To stroke my hair, to just embrace.... more »

  • Oh Vanity

    The fashion clad maiden considered it a farce
    That the fads she created were lame,

    The public did faint as she flaunted her way... more »

  • Quiet Calm

    I seek the quiet calm of an everlasting peace,
    To where I’ll find this I might never know.
    I long for the solace of a warm breeze
    To erase any unforgotten memories.... more »

  • Soft Breeze

    The soft breeze of the cool wind gently caresses her hair,
    She lays there as the ocean waves come to her in rhythm,
    She wonders if this is all real or is there more.
    Her days had been troublesome, but she is now content.... more »

  • What Can You Do?

    Can you make people feel when they don’t really care?
    Can you make people speak when they don’t give a damn?
    Can you cry and plead for all that you need?
    Or be still and retreat like a lost little sheep?... more »

  • Who Am I

    I am a simple girl living in a not so simple world, surrounded with sounds and silence. I enjoy what is free, and a little company of those few whom I love to pieces.... more »