• Forget

    Souls of the used and abused,
    What do we have left to lose?
    Feed the fire that will kill your mind
    Hurt yourself one last time... more »

  • I Won'T

    i wont fall
    cause you wont catch me
    i wont crack
    under all the pressure... more »

  • Sick Little Game

    Sick Little Game

    Broken wings and a crooked smile... more »

  • Victim

    can you see me?
    broken, bleeding
    can you hear me?
    my ragged breathing... more »

  • Yeah, It Sucks. I Really Don'T Care.

    Sinner sinner, bleed for your lies.
    Whimper whimper as the child in you dies.
    F*ck you for the web you weave,
    Of indecency you expect me to believe.... more »

  • You

    close your eyes
    pretend im with you
    cry for me
    because im gone... more »