First, Off i would like to take the time to say hello to every inspiring poet on here. Allow me to introduce my self, i am a well rounded multi-talented young lady...i enjoy writing poetry as well reading it. Moreover i enjoy meeting down to earth people that i can relate to...i have been a member for some time now and i must say i came across so fine poets.Just a little FYI my favorite poets are Maya Angelou & Langston Hughes. Those two poets has inspired me to be the writer that i am...overall the type of poetry i write are the kind that people can relate to or i'm usually telling my perspective on problems that people come to me with...i like to consider my poetry as a comfort and inspiring uplift to those seeking an outlet.Before i go i would like to thank those for stopping by to read my poems the love is over whelming. If anyone has anything that they might want to ask, in which i didnt touch bases on feel free to write me.enjoy your day here are words of wisdom...'unanswered question leads to mystery and always remember your present maybe my history so let me enlighten thee.'


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Quoting someone who believed Misunderstood don't have to be explained, Therefore there's no need to explain me; why define who i am to the world when the world does not have the eyes to see the real me?
Many people don't understand me, nor the way that i think, but is my way the wrong way; funny because it was told to me there's no wrong or right way of doing things when its what you want to do.
Am i consider misunderstood because society limits themselves to possibility, or adventure that can take them above and beyond?
If even you don't have the answer how could my path in life be determined as right or wrong?... more »

We Have Experience Thats Almost The Same

No i have not experienced the experience you did, neither did i have to live the life you live-we have experience thats almost the same

i made the same choice you did hoping that the people that know me would still feel for me the same way they always did-we have experience thats almost the same... more »

Behind Every Smile, Theres A Frown

Make-up, a mask, nor a smile can cover the truth, which expresses the fact that you have been stabbed in your back.
No clothes, no shades, no wall that you put up can cover up the fact that your heart is not in tact; Even if you tried to staple it back-
You still have to face the fact!... more »

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