• Airs Of Autumn Again

    Leaves turn from green into yellow
    while the strong wind bellows.
    The heat from the sun
    beats down upon a school desk... more »

  • Airs Of Autumn

    Leaves turn yellow
    while the strong wind bellows.
    The heat from the sun
    beats down onto the school desk... more »

  • Another Spring

    The coming to Spring begins
    now the hot sun warms the snow
    reluctantly thawing it into water.
    Above zero nay it is six degrees Celsius... more »

  • Art


    Sing a note
    paint a stroke... more »

  • Changes Of Time

    As the weather blows
    through sunshine, clouds or snow
    the only life is change
    there is nothing left to exchange.... more »

  • Cold Snow

    Grey overcast Saturday sky hovers
    on a January afternoon
    while snowflakes lightly blanket the ground
    as the sub-zero air remains frigid in place.... more »

  • Curling

    Circles in the house
    draws to the four foot
    hit and roll to the twelve foot ring
    throw guards to protect your stone... more »

  • Deception

    If the eyes deceive
    then the brain blindly receives
    what the ears are itching to hear
    as the soul begins to believe... more »

  • Desks

    Sitting on a stool
    sitting slightly above
    a small black writing table
    a bit uncomfortable... more »

  • Evacuation Vacation

    Holidays on a bright Sunday afternoon
    the sunny heat and clear blue skies mix
    the definition of spring turning into summer
    right now the warmth shines down on me... more »

  • Geology Of Life

    When there is an entire mine
    many types of abundant resources exist in kind.
    Gold, silver, tin or lead revealed in time
    for the earth has treasures hidden in its mantle bed.... more »

  • Good Morning Friday

    With the sun warming my back from the east
    I look forward to the west... more »

  • In Every Corner

    In every corner
    in my soul; God take a look... more »

  • Instructions

    Instructions to die
    after you spent the life force
    hopefully without a divorce.
    Take risks, stick your neck out... more »

  • Is Sci Fi Real?

    Is Star Trek possible?
    colonizing planets - world by world... more »

  • It's God Who Is In The Little Details

    Too little, too small stuff I can't tell God about that
    but just wait it is not the devil who is in the details
    it's God who is in the little details.
    Quoting Psalm 4: 8... more »

  • It's Only Tuesday

    June 2nd,2020

    On a cold, rainy Sunday morning
    after nine a.m. we were in a different mourning.... more »

  • Little Grey Cells

    As we exercise the body
    how often are our mind exercises shoddy?
    Those little grey brain cells
    where our existence dwells... more »

  • Living In The Past

    Replaying mistakes in your mind
    wondering how you could have been so blind
    the biggest mistake
    when to move on... more »

  • Mispuzzled

    A thousand piece jigsaw puzzle
    two pieces left - don't fit
    the entire thing becomes a misfit.
    For so long working on the borders... more »

  • Multi-Tasking

    Shorter attention span
    faster paced world spinning in time.
    Doing more things at once
    trying to keep up the pace... more »

  • Musing On A Summer Afternoon

    On a private Monday afternoon
    the tall grass waving to the last
    under the calm, gentle wind beast
    the Sun teasing behind clouds... more »

  • No Poetry

    The sun is shining above
    on a cool, windy Saturday morning
    after the Friday night rain
    made the garden a muddy rut.... more »

  • Ode To A Chicken Meal

    Don't give a licken
    to your chicken
    unless you are in the kitchen.
    White or dark meat... more »

  • Old Rosary

    Children ride the swings
    sliding down the old red and blue slide... more »