• Carry On

    Soft, sad eyes glimmer back.
    Full of broken, empty thoughts.
    Lie there naked,
    Dirty shoes... more »

  • City Of Spiders

    Surrounded by millions.
    Laughing.... more »

  • For Better, Or Worse

    He's probably an intellegent kind of guy.
    Says sweet things and makes you get butterflies.
    When he smiles,
    Let me guess,... more »

  • Fountain Of Youth

    Like the ink of a writer.
    Tears of a lover.
    And melody of a singer...... more »

  • Hunger

    It gurgles.
    It gloshes.
    Full of passion.... more »

  • Living Proof

    Here I sit once more.
    The blood stained knife tucked safely under my bed,
    hidden well.
    As are my battle wounds... more »

  • Shower Of Love

    I want to lie in the river
    I’d spend some time upon cloud nine
    Where I see your face... more »

  • The Public's Way

    The train has left the station.
    Going through dark tunnels to play.
    The conductor with his long, angelic fingers
    Guides me every step of the way.... more »