I'm a radiotelephone engineer by trade, working as an electronics and RF troubleshooter since 1976 - what a waste of time! - except to pay the bills and raise a wonderful son 22, and daughter 19, both in college and doing great!

I resist any ideology, political, religious, or otherwise, which begs to place one in a club for its propagandic confinement purposes.

I study others' writings, inspecting each word for its face or ghost.


R. Glenn Disney Poems

The Red-Winged Blackbird

My hands are loosed from chains
The field awaits my presence today
A while longer, the sun's heat remains
The toil, my bones in pain do pay... more »

The Boy Who Dreamed To China

Many years the tale's been old
Many times the tale's been told
Many folks have yearned to hear
'Bout the boy who dreamed to China... more »

Just Pour The Coffee And Go Away

Pulled off 57 at a dusty cafe
Traveled all night 'cause I couldn't sleep
This is only a slight delay
My mind a flood and the water's deep... more »

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