• A Few Drops Of Dew

    Bound by earth and sky
    The particles of darkness
    Of my existence
    Got crystallized into... more »

  • A Poem

    Do I belong? I question myself
    One more time anxiously, while
    Waiting for permission to script
    A preface to passionate musing... more »

  • A Silly Love Poem

    Come hither,
    Come hither my love
    When the infant sun shines
    And promises a sunny weather.... more »

  • A Sparrow

    A sparrow used to come occasionally
    And perch on my tattered thatch
    And sing in melodious eloquence.
    She must have observed me keenly,... more »

  • A Substantial Shadow

    Often I am haunted
    By the reflection
    Of a shrunken face
    Of a substantial shadow,... more »

  • Ah! You Didn'T Know?

    In an evening of events,
    He and I met together
    In the City-Coffee House
    And broke the silence of a millennium... more »

  • Alien Benign

    The heart throbs
    For you, a kindred soul
    Living in an alien land...

    What music your parrot twitters?... more »

  • Alphabet Of Love

    You taught me the alphabet of love
    And I learnt it with the ease
    Of my mother tongue,... more »

  • 'Another Poem'

    The chain of mortal moments
    Was perennially pampered
    By the emotional interventions
    Of brittle smiles and joyous episodes... more »

  • At The Level Crossing

    Here I come to a halt
    At the closed doorstep
    Of the level crossing
    On my daily path.... more »

  • Beauty And Glory

    Long after she departed
    Behind the closing-door
    Her image lingered in my private closet
    With such fragrance,... more »

  • Between The Covers

    I have plucked
    Every primrose and daisy
    Sprouting in myriad colours
    On every wild vegetation,... more »

  • Crossroads

    As I stood denuded
    At the crossroads
    With hands raised upward,
    Eternity descended unto my open palms... more »

  • Destitution

    In the face of your
    Erratic eloquence
    My tender ego
    Gets vanquished... more »

  • Do I Belong?

    I have coined subtle words,
    Framed robust sentences
    And idioms unique
    In my private fantasy but... more »

  • Entomb The Silence

    I wish I could
    Ignite you
    Out of the heap of cold ashes
    Of a dead volcano... more »

  • Flowerbed

    Placed in the midst
    Of a twilight zone
    My vision went hazy,
    My fancy disoriented,... more »

  • Forever Friends

    On a distant domain of this globe
    I know not on which crossroad
    Of which latitude
    And which longitude, she dwells.... more »

  • Fusion

    I blend it to you
    When my solitary dream,
    Sensuously private
    Gets drenched in your scent... more »

  • Golden Portrait

    Your immaculate portrait
    In silver and gold touches
    The soul of my stressed self
    In the wee hour of the day.... more »

  • Here And Now

    I adore your loveliness
    Within the boundaries
    Of my ordinary eyes,
    Within the bound... more »

  • Island Of Isolation

    Most cherished dreams
    Burn into floating ashes
    In the self-ignited fire
    Of a shooting star... more »

  • Jingle

    In just a vast nothingness
    You unwind, holding on to the placid moments.

    You suspend your thoughts... more »

  • Leave Me There

    Take me
    On your winged-fancy
    On a long flight to the ether
    Where clouds of diverse pattern and color... more »

  • Love Hurts

    Love hurts,
    It hurts to the core
    When hands loosen the intimate clasp
    And they turn poles apart... more »