• A Happy Man

    He who causes happiness for others
    Is the happiest man on the earth
    And to make laugh, never bothers
    That man feels proud of his birth.... more »

  • A Mole's Challenge

    I was badly challenged by a rigid mole
    Who near my bathroom, made a deep hole

    I bought some cement and few bricks... more »

  • A Parrot's Funeral

    It happened when I was of seven years old
    And I saved a parrot from a black cat's jaw
    Instead of my innocent like treatments
    Alas! I couldn't defeat the parrot's death... more »

  • Act Of Benefaction

    Once upon a time in a hilly village
    There was a landlord in a dying age
    He had two sons who were different
    One greedy and the other was saint... more »

  • Battle Of Life

    There was limitless happiness
    On my birth
    As all parents feel such greatness
    On this Earth... more »

  • Be A Hero

    Dare to fight for your right
    With all, you think your might
    Cling to your path even at night
    Full of dark without any light... more »

  • Beauty In The Lawn

    Behold the beauty in the lawn
    Flying dried leaves in the air
    Everywhere from dusk to dawn
    As that of any beloved's hair.... more »

  • Boasting Harms

    Once upon a time on a Chestnut tree
    There were two enemies never felt free
    An eagle and an owl hated each other
    As the eagle used to eat up there... more »

  • Character

    Life without good character
    Is just like a closed chapter
    Those who haven't it ever
    Are opened now and never... more »

  • Colours And Flowers

    Life without colours
    Is a garden without flowers.
    It depends on our perception
    How to get the reception.... more »

  • Corruption

    Corruption corruption everywhere
    And the people are in grief
    Corruption corruption everywhere
    Not a single moment in relief.... more »

  • Dew Drops

    When we leave our beds before the sun rises
    To behold the beauty of morn with surprises
    We feel enthralled and free from scorn
    With the dancing dew drops on the corn... more »

  • Dhara Ke Liye

    Aaj dhara ke liye uthenge haath humare,
    Aao milkar poore karlen apne sapne saare,
    Dharti maa ki khatir aaj chalen hum,
    Hare bhare vrakshon se pyaar kare hum,... more »

  • End Of Duryadhan

    Duryodhan was the man of evil and greed
    He was full of lust and looked in need
    A haughty and filthy natured man
    Who never respected even a woman... more »

  • Entertainer's Lesson

    Once upon a time in my village
    There came a man of old age
    Looking older than a century
    But unknown from which country... more »

  • Essence Of Life

    Sit here beside me
    Live just for me
    If you can do
    Do so for me... more »

  • Feeling Of Guilt

    Having failed to perform our duty
    My friends, We always feel guilty
    We can't have the sense of beauty
    Unless we move on the path of honesty... more »

  • Fishes And Waves

    The fishes requested the waves
    To gift a kiss to the sea shore
    And walk out of the sea
    For a while to enjoy more... more »

  • Fleeing Humanity

    Change is the law of nature
    I see it even in the future
    When I was born as a child
    Unknown to heart and mind... more »

  • Flowers For Smile

    God decorated this Earth with flowers
    Tress, lakes, rivers and the showers
    His gifts are free of cost forever
    They are the beauty of her moreover.... more »

  • For Mother Earth

    Aaj dhara ke liye uthenge haanth humare,
    Aao milkar poore karlen apne sapne saare,
    Dharti maa ki khatir aaj chalen hum,
    Hare bhare vrakshon se pyaar kare hum,... more »

  • Gifts Of God

    The shower of beautiful rain
    Is making me happy once again
    The night is full of Moon light
    This is the divine gift at night... more »

  • God Hates Fatalist

    Once upon a time in a village
    There was a hermit of old age
    He was a devotee of false pride
    To gain in life he never tried... more »

  • God's Kindness

    Kindness of God is for all
    Whether we climb or fall
    He is with us in all situations
    And does beyond our speculations... more »

  • Have Faith In Yourself

    When your mind feels idle and lazy
    You should be ready like a crazy
    Life will never wait for any chance
    For a while stop everything except dance... more »