• A Frigid Morning

    My face is chapped,
    But my body is warm.... more »

  • At A Backpackers Bar

    Three Fins and an American,
    Sitting round the bar.
    They come from different lands,
    And from home, all are far.... more »

  • Cafe

    Can you tell me
    Is there anything better
    Than sitting in a cafe during terrible weather?
    A cup of coffee, maybe a bite... more »

  • Just Once More

    I've had poems running through my head,
    Since you walked away.
    I've surely thought right out,
    Just exactly what I'd say,... more »

  • Lazy Day

    lazy day
    filled with nothing
    nothing to do but sit around
    nothing to say but meaningless shit... more »

  • Lonely Girl In A Hostel

    She sits alone
    Sipping water in the heat.
    Listening to music,
    Gently tapping feet.... more »

  • Pen To Paper

    I try to write,
    But it's shit.
    Again I put pen to paper,
    And again I'm dissapointed.... more »

  • Sad Songs

    Is there anything worse than hearing a song,
    a song about loss,
    a song about tears,
    And knowing exactly,... more »

  • Sleepless

    In bed awake,
    but not by choice.
    I close my eyes,
    but sleep doesn't come.... more »

  • Sunrise At Ayer's Rock (Uluru)

    Dark and cold,
    only silence to be heard.
    A moment for pondering,
    for self reflection.... more »

  • The Beautiful Bartender

    There is a poem that begins,
    'She walks in beauty like the night, '
    It is a verse that to you,
    I would love to recite.... more »

  • The Beauty Of A Beer

    The heady scent,
    Of a long cold pint.
    That first sip,
    Ahhhh.... more »

  • Thoughts

    Thoughts and ideas are bottled up in my head like butterflies in a net.
    Fluttering around, trying to get out, vainly trying to escape.
    Nothing comes of them,
    it seems nothing ever will,... more »

  • Untitled

    Of flowered fields I cannot write,
    nor sunny day or moon-lit night.

    But the feeling of being alone,... more »

  • What I Need

    What I need is a cup of coffee.
    Strong, Black, Soothing.
    My mood is dark,
    Darker than the cup in front of me.... more »