• The Depraved Wretch Calls Out To God

    Where are You when I need You the most?
    The time when I'm hurt, lost, naked, cold;
    When I could not possibly be more lonely;
    When all those around me don't give a damn?... more »

  • This Is What I Want

    The feeling of wanting someone you cant have
    The pain of knowing you’ll never fall asleep with her
    Feels like someone rippin out your freakin heart
    Then throwing it back in your face and mocking you.... more »

  • This Is Whats Wrong With You

    It is natural to feel the way you do.
    It is part of being human.
    You will always sin
    God realizes this... more »

  • What I Don'T Understand

    Somethings in life I just don't understand.
    I don't understand God.
    How can he love me and show me grace and mercy.
    No matter what I do,... more »