• An Angel Asks Why?

    On a summer day an Angel came to earth.
    Azure eyes and flaxen hair, her smile brightened the darkest of days.
    Blessed be those that entreated her friendship,
    Blessed are those loved in her heart, touched by her warmth.... more »

  • Before The Mast

    Here I wait, cold and alone.
    The hour is near, the time nigh
    Tonight I simply die.... more »

  • Dreams

    Dreams, pleasant journeys in my sleep
    Dreams are where I jump and fly
    Dreams are where all I’ve wanted and all I’ve wished
    Come true, but only in dreams.... more »

  • I Don'T Even Know Your Name.

    Hello, I don’t know your name, yet.
    But I know you are the one for me.
    I have not lived a good life, always
    Running around and sleeping around... more »

  • Lost In The Darkness

    I sit alone in the darkness.
    Crying out to free my soul.
    Silent screams falling on deaf ears.
    Fear clouds my heart, hoping for a sign.... more »

  • My Anam Cara, My Soul Friend.

    My Anam Cara, My Soul friend.
    My companion whom I have connected and bonded
    Ours souls have entwined, our lives linked.
    Our two souls flow together, as one,... more »

  • Snowball Fight

    Cold dreary December day, our laughter rings out as we play.
    We have a snowball fight in a parking lot as we chase each other around.
    Girl dressed in black, your blond hair stick out from under your knit cap.... more »

  • Unseen

    It’s raining again
    Funny that, how it rains when we cry
    Where do we stand in the greater plan?
    How do we know if we aren’t seen?... more »