• Die Before You Die

    Ironic, but one of the most intimate acts
    of our body is

    So beautiful appeared my death - knowing who then I would kiss,
    I died a thousand times before I died.... more »

  • Dream Fable

    I saw myself in a wide green garden, more beautiful than I could begin to understand. In this garden was a young girl. I said to her, "How wonderful this place is!"

    "Would you like to see a place even more wonderful than this?" she asked.... more »

  • If I Adore You

    If I adore You out of fear of Hell, burn me in Hell!
    If I adore you out of desire for Paradise,
    Lock me out of Paradise.
    But if I adore you for Yourself alone,... more »

  • In My Soul

    my soul
    there is a temple, a shrine, a mosque, a church
    where I kneel.... more »

  • Love

    I have loved Thee with two loves -
    a selfish love and a love that is worthy of Thee.
    As for the love which is selfish,
    Therein I occupy myself with Thee,... more »

  • My Beloved

    My peace, O my brothers and sisters, is my solitude,
    And my Beloved is with me always,
    For His love I can find no substitute,
    And His love is the test for me among mortal beings,... more »

  • My God And My Lord

    Eyes are at rest, the stars are setting.
    Hushed are the stirrings of birds in their nests,
    Of monsters in the ocean.... more »

  • My Greatest Need Is You

    Your hope in my heart is the rarest treasure
    Your Name on my tongue is the sweetest word
    My choicest hours
    Are the hours I spend with You --... more »

  • Reality

    In love, nothing exists between heart and heart.
    Speech is born out of longing,
    True description from the real taste.
    The one who tastes, knows;... more »

  • Take Away The Words Of The Devil

    O God, take away the words of the devil
    That mix with my prayer-
    If not, then take my prayer as it is, devil and all.... more »

  • The Holy Water

    No one lives outside the walls of this sacred place, existence.
    The holy water, I need it upon my eyes: it is you, dear, you – each form.... more »

  • With My Beloved

    With my Beloved I alone have been,
    When secrets tenderer than evening airs
    Passed, and the Vision blest
    Was granted to my prayers,... more »