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Very nice beta
Rabindarnath tagore is my roll model
Your poems is super your poems rare opportunity to all but only few members are received
An english poem
Hi, Im searching a Tagore`s poem, that speaks about the every day we have a blank page. I know the poem in spanish but I would like to have in English. This is a piece translates in google: YOUR LIFE IS A BLANK PAGE You have already written many pages in your book; some are sad and others are happy; some are clean and clear, I wait some help with it. Thanks.
Nice.......... .
Rabindranath tagore is my favouraite poet
I would like to know if the following poem has been written by Tagore or by Gandhi: God, if you give the fortune, do not take my happiness. If you give the force, do not take from me the power of reasoning. If you give me the success, do not take my humility. If you give me humility, do not take my dignity. God; hellp me to see the other side of things. And so on......
Nice poems are written by Rabindranath Tagore
Like and love your songs very much and I know that more people will see and listen your songs
Bangla Kavita tinbon bi rabindranath
I love your songs very much
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poems are very useful in school's poem resitation
They r easy to read
They r easy
They are simple to read
The poems were very good