• Bootchu

    Bootchu! Bootchu!
    You make me want to chew my boot
    Over the fact taht you're so cute.
    How did you come to be such a beaut?... more »

  • Inner Demon

    Oh how I long wished to hear the tolling of the bell,
    So I could witness that demon pulled down to that torturous hell

    Try as you may, you can't send me away
    I'll be here until the end of your black days... more »

  • Ressurection

    'But...but why? '
    Towards the heavens I doth cry
    Why must she die.
    Oh Lord, why?... more »

  • The Crows Are Laughing

    The crows are laughing! The crows are laughing!
    Please, somebody help; This is maddening!
    They're mocking me; They won't stop chuckling!
    Get away you heathens! Stop giggling... more »

  • The Midnight Mistress

    Could it be?

    Be you the Mistress of the Midnight hour
    Full of such beauty and grace... more »