• Loves Call

    lights that fade
    with unanswered questions
    always around like a
    relentless shade... more »

  • Obsessed With You

    Every day and night
    I think of you
    Then a light
    Goes on in my head... more »

  • One Life

    A life never known.
    Someone to selfish to care
    to see past the reflection
    to acknowledge the problem.... more »

  • The One

    You sing about the one you love
    but you don't understand that she
    doesn't love you and I do. I would kill
    to be the one you sing about before you... more »

  • The Pit

    The pit is ever growing
    Sucking me into its contagious
    Desire of needing, wanting, yearning
    To have it all within arms reach... more »

  • To Hell With It

    the life you live
    isn't a perfect one
    but you don't care
    you just say... more »