Rachel Ann Butler Comments (11)

Thanks. I am just getting into ‘Sparrow and Gardener’
wow, my favorite UNKNOWN GARDENER is back! Thank you so much RAB...
Thank you my friend. I will forever tend the garden.
my gardener is gone but love still blooms around me;
you write awakesome..... once again i got somthing new for reading... i would like to take tips from you....... thanks......
I love this poem. How did you write such a good poem? Were you inspired or you just thought of it?
I am your avid reader...a follower of your UNKNOWN GARDENER.. I admire your strong and delicate thoughts in every piece of yours...and your thoughts and style, the depth...I love your works...touching and inspiring...a picture of a strong person yet delicate in heart.... I'm really happy and honored to know you and read your poems...
a marvellous experience, i love your verses
The twentifirst century is short, the twentieth century is long. Everybody has a special legacy of the previous century and, in the case of Rachel Ann Butler, this is the Symbolism. The occasions, the signs of life filtered out. Pay attention to the great Irish novelists, Joyce above all, have to do with it.
my goodness what did this unknown gardener do to inspire all these poems? whatever it was we enjoy the results.beautiful