• A Face

    In the mirror, that’s me.
    It doesn’t feel like me.
    It feels like a mask.
    No one wants to look at me.... more »

  • All Hell Breaks Loose

    Will you be ready for the day,
    When all hell breaks loose?
    Will you be ready for the death,
    The destruction and devastation?... more »

  • Alone

    This feeling deep inside,
    Of sorrow and of woe.
    Is all here in me,
    Because I miss you so.... more »

  • Already Dead

    You don’t need to worry about disappointing me,
    You don’t have to worry about letting me down,
    You don’t have to be with me any more,
    And you can’t fix me.... more »

  • Always

    I wish you were still here with me,
    Still here to listen to my thoughts and feelings.
    You cared when no one else did,
    You bothered to notice me and you thought the world of me.... more »

  • Am I Evil?

    Am I evil,
    For having these thoughts in my head.?
    Am I evil,
    For thinking things of dread?... more »

  • As Me

    Now I’m gone.
    My memory rests with you.
    Remember me the way I was.
    As me.... more »

  • Ashes

    Don’t give up on your dreams.
    If you don’t dream, what have you got to look forward to?
    Dreams are what keep us going,
    They look to the future,... more »

  • Asylum

    The voices all around me,
    Bouncing around the room.
    You cannot begin to understand,
    Can’t imagine the gloom.... more »

  • Be Free

    I wanna be free.
    Free from all of this pain.
    The pain I feel because of you,
    And my endless affection.... more »

  • Be Strong

    You have to be strong.
    If you aren’t strong, life will swallow you, eat you alive.
    You have to fight for what you believe in.
    You have to fight for what you want.... more »

  • Beautiful Things

    The most beautiful things in life,
    Can come out of the strangest places.
    They aren’t always the most obvious things,
    That’s why people need to look for them.... more »

  • Becoming

    I see now, as I’m getting older.
    What I will need to become.
    I need to be strong and kind,
    If I want to survive in this world.... more »

  • Bite

    Your wings swoop and sway as you delicately join me on the ground.
    Your skin is the shade of night at it’s darkest,
    Your eyes the colour of the blood you crave.
    You float through the sky with the grace of a bird,... more »

  • Blood Lines

    Standing in the middle of the heat soaked field,
    I can feel everything roaming inside of me.
    The strength of my father, the demon.
    The elegance of my mother, the witch.... more »

  • Blood On My Hands

    There is blood on my hands, and I don’t care.
    I don’t care about any of the people I have killed.
    I don’t even know their names.
    I remember how I killed them all though.... more »

  • Blue Eyes

    I knew you couldn’t be human.
    Not with those eyes.
    Those eyes that shone,
    They shone in the night.... more »

  • Breathe

    Just remember to breathe,
    If you feel yourself sinking,
    Step back, take it all in,
    And breathe.... more »

  • Broke Me

    You broke me.
    You left me withered,
    And tired,
    And desperate.... more »

  • Broken Lungs

    I can’t breathe without you.
    You were the one who gave me meaning,
    Gave me a purpose,
    Gave me love.... more »

  • Broken Mirrors

    I came home one day to find,
    All my mirrors broken, and I know why.
    It was you, my ghost, who lurks through the house.
    You smashed them so you wouldn’t have to see.... more »

  • Bullet Proof

    You may think you can do anything.
    You may think you’re the most powerful person in the world.
    You may even think you can walk through fire,
    But in the end,... more »

  • Calling

    I know you’re there.
    I can hear you.
    I can hear you call my name,
    And I’m so sorry.... more »

  • Can Someone Please Tell Me How I Got In A Coffin?

    I remember fighting with you on that hot summers day,
    But the rest is a mystery.
    I remember drawing our swords to battle,
    I guess the rest is history?... more »

  • Change The Future

    I think about when we were younger,
    Just us, so free and careless.
    Nothing to worry about or complain about.
    I look back and wonder, where did those days go?... more »