• About You

    If I was an artist
    I’d paint something beautiful
    Something like a heart
    With colors whirling round... more »

  • Bane Of Jack's Mane

    A tragic tale I have to tell
    Of the day misfortune to me befell
    My lady’s companion did come to me
    And her mischievous plans I could not see... more »

  • Bittersweet

    It takes a coward
    To start a war
    But a brave man
    Is needed to end it... more »

  • Claudia

    Our conversations begin with a hug
    And the words follow
    She loves me in a gentle way
    But it is powerful as the river’s flow... more »

  • Ever Shall It Be

    Ever shall it be
    When the sky cries rain
    Friends come with gentleness
    To wipe away the pain... more »

  • Fire

    It’s been dry for so long
    So long since last the flowers bloomed
    Blooming hatred; the land is browned and dead
    Death reigns in the barrenness of the my heart... more »

  • 'Forgive Me, Love'

    Forgive me, love
    Call me slow
    Laugh in your eyes
    Pretend its insult... more »

  • Friends Are

    Encouragers... more »

  • Leaving Portsmith

    The violins warm to the
    Back and forth, how
    Quickly... more »

  • Little Bird

    I'm a
    Little bird
    In a
    Little cage... more »

  • Loss

    The Hallmark’s where I start my quest
    I test every condolence card for it
    The fit I’m looking for of words together
    Feather-weight paper and ink: man-made... more »

  • My Eyes

    These brown eyes of mine
    Are dancing when I smile
    You would never guess
    They feel like weeping all the while... more »

  • My Love Is Made Of Words

    How strange
    That my love
    Is made of words... more »

  • Night Wanderer

    Under a sheet of deepest blue
    Beneath a clear basin filled with shining white
    Watched by the nocturnal lights
    I walk someplace found in the night... more »

  • Our Love Will Carry On

    Early in the morning
    When dew's upon the grass
    The first bird sings
    Calling others to mass... more »

  • Passing

    There is a part of the heart lying empty
    Sorrowed, it waits to be refilled
    The desolation of a barren space
    Seeps into every line of every face... more »

  • Payment

    “I’m going to pay you.”

    “No you are not.”... more »

  • The River Sings

    The river sings
    A voice rises above
    Fairer than the water, rings... more »

  • To J.K. Rowling (The End)

    Named as yours
    Is split... more »

  • To The Oaks

    There’s a road that carries
    A curse
    Through a canyon few dare
    Traverse... more »

  • When Words Are Clearly Not Enough

    When words are clearly not enough
    I stumble and trip through a river of sounds
    But no mellifluous diction flows forth... more »

  • Where Has My Little Girl Gone?

    Her mother's belly grew by the day
    To my elation
    My heart felt joy to great to say
    And a wonderful sensation... more »