• Because Of You

    You took my hand, and taught me how to walk
    You caught me, when I stumbled so I didn't feel the shock

    You taught me how to face my fears... more »

  • My Love Letter

    There Is my love letter
    Burning at the bottom of that jar
    But that fire needs oxygen
    Like love needs the heart... more »

  • No One Is To Say

    The day has ended the time has come
    to put our bad thoughts and feeling behind us
    cause tomorrow will have troubles of it's own.... more »

  • Open The Past

    She covers her ears
    She tells herself lies
    To blanket the truth
    That she's hiding inside... more »

  • This Forgotten Face

    Though I saw you everyday,
    You were never there
    You always had the time
    The time for all but me.... more »