• A Fear In My Head

    I wish I could tell you how I feel inside
    But I can no longer express it, I shrivel and hide,
    My mind is awake thinking oh what to do
    I cannot say I never think about you.... more »

  • A Friend

    A friend is a means, a way, a life,
    A gift from heaven to keep you out of strife,
    A life a lil like yours but through different eyes
    A different role but never a despise.... more »

  • A Moment

    The things we take for granted so settled and so true
    The things we see for pleasure so pretty and sea blue
    The things that teach us what it is we are supposed to do
    The things that reach through and shine that light upon you.... more »

  • Angel Kiss

    We go through life so often,
    Not stopping to enjoy the day.
    And we take each one for granted,
    As we travel on our way.... more »

  • As The Blossom Falls

    The Tall, The Dark Of Cloth It Grows
    Alone The Blossom Of The Trees Flow
    Along The Ground They Swirl Around
    Above The Streets Our Cities Town... more »

  • Away

    My Heads Killing Me, Not Sure Where I Should Be
    Life’s Tough Nothings New
    Why Am I Here With You
    Nothings Going Right Bit I Know... more »

  • Gunner Brigade

    Down from the glen came the gooner men
    Highbury is there little den.
    Nothing can stop these boys in red and white
    There skils and passion shine real bright.... more »

  • Him

    His Eyes Look Soft, Hair Is Dark
    Every Time I See Him I Feel That Spark
    He Seems A Tough One, A Real Bad Guy
    Just Once I’d Like Him To Notice Me, Maybe Even Try... more »

  • Insecurities

    The feelings that I hold, are struggling to be told
    The life that I am living makes me think I should just be bold,
    But once you open up, all your mind is there to see
    This vulnerability will surely get to me.... more »

  • Keep Being You

    Just because no one has been fortunate enough
    to realize what a gem you are...
    doesn't mean you shine any less!... more »

  • Mental Feelings

    This Spirit is killing me
    I need my time, can’t you see?
    Life’s too short to be this bad
    Don’t you understand why I’m so sad?... more »

  • Mind Darkness

    I don't know what to say, I don't know what to do
    I am really sorry for the things that I have put you through
    I've tried to find a place to sit and think about these times
    But it doesn't seem to work, my head spins with rhymes.... more »

  • Missing You

    I miss you when something good happens to me,
    Because you are the one I want to share it with.
    I miss you when something bad happens to me,
    Because you make everything better.... more »

  • My Mates

    I was sitting here thinking
    of words I wanted to say,
    but they just wouldn't come out right
    so I found a different way.... more »

  • Pouring Out My Heart

    Sitting here in the chair and thinking, will I ever hear from you, I'm blinking,
    Wondering why my mind is fried, my heart could soon be sinking.
    Am I really just a phase to you, someone to help you see and pull you through
    Or did you confide to keep an option open, maybe its wrong and what you speak is true.... more »

  • Rain Cloud!

    Watch It, Crawling Surface Creeping
    Then The Cars That Are Always Beeping
    Strength Is Needed, Truly Deserved
    Beat Em Down Show Them Your Not Preserved... more »

  • Rob Zombie

    When I see the picture on my wall, it doesnt fade me or make me fall.
    I see the face trying to be full of hate, but those eyes will not co-operate.
    With your films I first heard your name, but it was your music that shot you to fame.
    The films are mad, so weird and scary, my mum thinks your extremely hairy.... more »

  • Temptation

    Starry eyes that see the sky,
    they see above and want to fly.
    Feeling hurt and peeking through
    A looking glass, easy for you.... more »

  • The Frightening Fear

    Fear of oneself is a fear deep within
    To scrap through the noise and deepen the grim,
    Though life is precious its tough to see
    The wanting and needing of some to me!... more »

  • Unfortunate Sights

    When my world smiles
    I feel on top of my game
    The whole thing lasts for miles
    Just for this I should take the blame.... more »

  • We Said

    You say that you liked me, you say that this is true
    You say you meant it, every word, you say that you are blue.
    You say that there are problems, You say you must fight
    You say that this is wrong, you say it can't be right.... more »