• A Complaint

    Oh ! why let all these winged days slip past us!
    Will you not give me leave with those dear eyes,
    To taste the sweets of our new paradise,
    Beyond the outer dark where fate has cast us?... more »

  • A Fragment

    The clustering grapes of purple vine
    Are crushed to make the crimson wine.

    The poppies in the grasses deep... more »

  • A Little Dirge

    What so dead as my love for you,
    What so terribly dead !
    Lay it low 'neath the grass and dew,
    Bury it deep in an earthy bed,... more »

  • A Little Song

    A RIPPLE and a rush, and a mating thrash,
    And, oh ! the month must be at May.
    A blossom and a tree, and a honey-bee,
    And, oh ! it's such a perfect day !... more »

  • A Night In Italy

    Time hangs suspended 'mid the perfumed dusk,
    With limpid wings, o'er which the first pale star
    Gleams like a tear, within the tender, far
    Desirous eyes of love-lorn Destiny.... more »

  • A Pearl Necklace

    Go, cold white pearls, with your luring eyes,
    The woman is waiting who longs to win
    But the rainbow light that within you lies,
    But the soft cool touch of your satin skin.... more »

  • A Summer Thought

    I often think that all those vast desires
    For purer joys, that thrill the human heart,
    Vague yearnings such as solitude inspires,
    That nameless something silence can impart,... more »

  • A Twilight Fancy

    Dear, give me the tips of your fingers
    To hold in this scented gloom,
    ' Mid the sighs of the dying roses,
    That steal through the breeze-swept room ;... more »

  • A Welcome

    Dear Ghost, across a wind-swept sphere
    You wander back again to me,
    And I am not afraid, for see
    I bid you rest beside me here!... more »

  • A Windy June

    The wind has shaken the lilac trees,
    And scattered their purple bloom,
    The wind has harassed the honey bees,
    And robbed the flowers of their melodies,... more »

  • A Winter Song

    ' Swift away, swift away,'
    Sang the fickle swallow,
    Oh ! the fickle swallow,
    Flying to the sun !... more »

  • An August Night

    Hot with the ardour of the sun,
    Whose burning lips had slain the noon,
    The golden pallor of the moon
    Was but an added fire, o'ercome... more »

  • An Autumn Ride

    The world 's a beautiful world to-day,
    A flame of gold and a dusk of gray,

    Where Autumn leaves toss their gaudy crests... more »

  • An Interlude

    Crush these voluptuous grapes between your teeth,
    Your small, strong teeth ! and let their purple pain
    Be offered in a sacrificial rain
    Of sun-warmed essence; while I twine a wreath... more »

  • Ardour

    The thought of you has filled the night with wonder,
    The dawn with praise,
    Till all my senses thrill, like roses under
    The morning's rays.... more »

  • At Meissen

    Beneath the lime trees in the garden
    High above the town,
    The scent of whose suspended bloom
    Entranced the air with warm perfume... more »

  • Autumn In Sussex

    A GLORY is this autumn day.
    That stretches far across the land,
    To where the sea along the sand
    Sings kindly, with a gentle lay... more »

  • Before Dawn

    I rose, ere yet the eager light
    Had wrested from the grasp of night
    The trembling spirit of the world.
    The dusk of dawn with wistful eyes... more »

  • Bredon

    Bredon is a lonesome hill,
    It hasn't any brothers ;
    It stands within the Severn vale,
    Apart from all the others.... more »

  • Brother Filippo

    Ring on! Oh endless vesper bell!
    What can you know of that deep Hell
    Upon this Earth, where men may dwell.
    Ring on ! Your calling is in vain,... more »

  • Butterfly

    Butterfly, butterfly, where are you going?
    'Over the roses into the sky.'
    Butterfly, butterfly, there is no knowing
    When you'll come back again, so good-bye!... more »

  • By The Avon

    In the meadows by the Avon,
    Underneath the slope of Bredon,
    There we often used to wander,
    My girl and I.... more »

  • By The River

    Through the rustling river grasses
    Warm and sweet the young wind passes.
    Blowing shyly soft caresses
    To their dewy emerald tresses.... more »

  • Casend Hill

    O Casend Hill, I be so heavy-hearted.
    So lonesome-like since from my love I parted,
    That when the bracken on your sides is springing.
    And aU the mating thrushes start a-singing,... more »

  • Comparison

    Without what desolation! mist and rain,
    And weeping trees, and roses that decay
    While still in blossom, till the autumn day
    Lies low, and speechless, and benumbed with pain.... more »