Rado Rochallyi Biography

Radoslav Rochallyi is author of few books of poetry. His first book was Golden Ratio published in Czech Republic in Tribun publishouse.

Golden ratio poetry is an experimental poetry form similar to the Fib and Cadae. Golden ratio poetry is based on the Golden ratio. Golden Divine – the collection of poetry authored by Radoslav Rochallyi - is probably the first collection of poetry of its kind in the world that uses this form. This means that the creation is to see a strict structure based on the golden number 1.618033... A typical representative form of a six line,1/6/1/8 / (0) / 3/3 – with as many words or syllables per line, which corresponde to the golden number. The only limitation of the poetry, according to the golden number, is the number of words or syllables monitored by the sequence of the digits 1.618033. Greek letter phi represents the golden ratio. Its value is: 1,618034