So I'm new at this, I've really only written poems for school before. And i would have NEVER put any on here if it weren't for spell check because I'm a terrible speller, so even though I have a great vocabulary I never use it in my writing unless I know its spelled right because people make fun of me. So feel free to be harsh if you think my poems deserve it, but please don't laugh at me. And I'm still a kid and am not, nor plan to be, dead anytime soon!


Rae Carroll Poems

You Can

You can’t get out, it stays trapped inside
There was never a doubt, it’s all a lie
The danger is you, it’s a siren call
Of the hunt, of the people mauled... more »

A Tearing Tear

A tear, a tare
Right through reality
Suddenly, it’s all right there
Hectic chaos and insanity... more »

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