• A Child's Smile

    ... more »

  • A Tearing Tear

    A tear, a tare
    Right through reality
    Suddenly, it’s all right there
    Hectic chaos and insanity... more »

  • Apple Tree

    There was an apple tree in my backyard
    The feat of climbing it was very hard
    But when all the children came out to play
    It was climbing it that they spent the day... more »

  • Beware The Shadow Children

    Beware the shadow children
    Beware their laughing eyes
    For inside them lays a surprise
    Death is woven in their hair... more »

  • Earth Bound

    The roots wrap around me like chains
    Crying so hard it rains
    The rocks seem to loom like an eternal tomb
    The Earth keeps me bound like ropes... more »

  • Fly In The Wall

    Why can’t I
    Be like a fly
    Squished so easily
    Wished away, so measly... more »

  • Follow The Yellow Brick Tracks

    The railroad tracks are my yellow brick road
    I keep walking on them, waiting for it to turn yellow
    But all there is rusty metal
    I keep looking for my tracks to change to bricks... more »

  • Hana To Akuma

    Love stories that end differently
    No ever after or happily
    A life ends so silently
    But can't you see?... more »

  • Like The Movies

    In the Hollywood movies you know the game
    Who’s at fault, and who’s to blame
    How it can be fixed and mended
    Wouldn’t life be better if we all pretended?... more »

  • Little Lines

    Little lines
    Marked by big boisterous signs
    Keeping everything neat, no leaks
    No touch, no contact... more »

  • Love And Grow

    But what are we to know
    How to love and how to grow
    Little knowledge, little us
    A little more and then we must... more »

  • Mother's Son

    It should never be done
    For a mother to have to bury her son
    In a sad tombstone filled place
    Giving him over to the grounds embrace... more »

  • Tangled Hair

    Standing with her lover there
    I hold the umbrella high
    Behind Lady Éclair
    I let escape a small sigh... more »

  • They Say We Are (Garbage)

    They say we are
    But is it true
    Is it in me, is it in you
    They throw it away... more »

  • What Are We To Know?

    Earth is solid and always remembers
    Wind is at a never stopping flow
    Fire withers like a dying ember
    Water exacts living tolls... more »

  • You Can

    You can’t get out, it stays trapped inside
    There was never a doubt, it’s all a lie
    The danger is you, it’s a siren call
    Of the hunt, of the people mauled... more »