• Ain'T A Passing Cloud

    Destiny tried to bring them together;
    But always lost in some way or another,
    Hope tried one more time and suceeded,
    And, they clicked like never before... more »

  • God Sent An Angel

    Days were going bad,
    Life was about to end,
    But God sent an angel like you,
    to bring me back to life... more »

  • Hidden Tears

    When others are around the mask is on;
    No one knowing what's under the pretty smile;
    Giving joy and making sure everyone happy;
    Like nothing wrong has ever happened... more »

  • Moonlight

    As the sun sets upon the ocean, and,
    Darkness sets over the world,
    People rushing home to avoid traffic,
    But, Just then the sky is lite up like never before... more »

  • Save The Last Dance For Me

    They walk into the room hand in hand,
    Like any other sweet, happy couple;
    But, soon split and go to their friends,
    To give them a hug and enjoy the evening... more »