• Passion

    I feel your hands
    I feel your lips
    I can also feel when you grip my hips... more »

  • Read This

    to the feeling that grow
    to the feeling that show

    i hide my self from the world... more »

  • Set Me Free

    Set me free from all my sins
    set me free from the world

    i was born for greater... more »

  • Speak To Me

    Speak to me when you're feeling alone
    Hurt or lost you're thrown

    Speak to me when all else fails... more »

  • Stop Hurting Me

    stop hurting me
    i feel the pain in my sleep
    scared that your going to do it again
    make me feel like a queen... more »

  • Swing As I Swing

    Swing as i swing
    threw the tunnel of witch we were
    open your mind, open your heart
    to the cold that has faded... more »

  • Tell Me

    tell me
    tell me
    oh please tell me... more »

  • The Goverment Always Talkin

    to government always saying 'stop this and band that'
    what about 'help this save that'
    they all worryed about other countrys when we need help
    what about us... more »

  • The Truth Behind Our Lies

    Let our minds touch
    Let our hearts ease
    Let those bad words
    Roll off our sleeves... more »

  • This Feeling

    This Is a feeling I feel
    When I don't know how to deal
    When I feel lost
    Gone like know one knows me... more »

  • This Is Life

    this is life
    the hard life
    the life we live
    the life we give... more »

  • This Me As A Beat (Rap)

    ... more »

  • To My Body


  • What I See

    what i see is you always
    my eyes seem to lie
    when i see you my worry go goodbye
    is it true how i feel... more »

  • What Is This

    i never felt a feeling so powerful
    what is this i feel

    what is it that make me want you more... more »

  • What It Take To Make A World

    it takes a woman to provide for the world
    it takes a man to make the world
    it takes a child to work for the world if he trys
    to raise a man that man needs a man to teach him how to be... more »

  • When It Hurt

    when it hurt ill hold you
    when it feels like you cant go on
    ill be there to make it worth it... more »

  • When Will It End

    when will this pain end
    of you lieing
    and hurting me
    when will it end... more »

  • Where Do I Wanta Be

    where do i want to be
    who do i want to see

    if i was ment to be in one place... more »

  • Where The Waters Meet

    today i feel good
    i walked in the water
    loved how it felt under my feet
    i look out in the oceans... more »

  • Who Am I, Who Are You

    who am i to tell you who you can be
    who am i to tell you who you cant be
    who am i
    who am i... more »

  • Who I Am

    This is me
    This is who I am
    Look at me what do you see... more »