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The Nest Is Full

I walk through the domain of the ravenous wolf.
Constantly looking over my shoulders.
Treading like feathers in fire.
Touching nothing around me.... more »

The Pyromaniac In The Library

Searching the banks of recollection,
I find that I have nothing of value.
Ideas plague biblically and roam reigning,
but no true remembrance of happiness.... more »

My Father's Hands

In his hands sometimes lays the snow.
Often times he lets the flakes breathe upon the receiving warmth of his knuckles.
They lay there for a second or two,
They stare up into his eyes, and with a thankful silent nod; they melt away.... more »

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Adeline Foster 10 Jan 2014 03:49
Ah, you seem to have not yet discovered the trick of commenting on poems. I do hope you do, since we would all like to hear from you. Adeline