well im not 68 or whatever and im not called rafia but i wont tell you what i am called or how old i am because thats for me to know. I write poems when im down normally, some of them suck, i think some are quite good. Not many people will read this but if you do, i'd like some comments on my peoms coz i wanna honestly know if they're any good. friends don't always tell the truth but strangers can, i won't be offended!
anyways hope to hear from some of you soon,
rafia xx


Rafia Jones Poems

My Angel Flew Away

My butterfly’s a moth
My sparkle turned to gray
My sunshine is a heavy rain
My angel flew away... more »

My Memories Are Faded Dreams

Without you im nothing
Nothing is left
Left all alone
Alone till my last breath... more »

Mask That Pain

I don’t want you to see me,
To see past my fake.
I made it to save me,
I cant let it brake.... more »

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