• A Man Fell On The Track

    I am waiting at the station,
    Amongst a line of faces,
    It’s a sweaty afternoon,
    And my train as usual late.... more »

  • A Poetry Of Love

    I wish I could …. Just sit,
    With you by my side,
    And watch the evening tide.... more »

  • Far From The Madding Crowd

    The taxi screams at the bus,
    As they compete in the rush,
    From far and wide people converge,
    Adding to this human surge,... more »

  • Guess What?

    Dashes of yellow make me up,
    And with it shades of dark,
    Again I am the same but,
    After a punctuation mark,... more »

  • Homecoming

    Shadows cast on paths all worn,
    these paths that once lead to my home,
    now these paths are all worn,
    and through these paths I walked alone.... more »

  • Ideal Life

    In times of joy, I laugh aloud,
    and play the merry fool,
    for life is a jolly journey,
    which I enjoy with glee.... more »

  • It Had My Name

    I trudge home slowly from work,
    Wearing a vacant and lonely gaze,
    Another uneventful day comes to an end,
    In a line of similar days.... more »

  • Lonely Existence

    The recluse
    My days are spent in solitude,
    And nights in restlessness,... more »

  • The Dead

    I feel today a divine bliss,
    I don't know what to make of this,
    I feel as light as birds feather,
    And calm as seas in fair weather,... more »

  • Unaware

    I was born into the fields,
    And grew along the stream,
    I lived alone in darkness,
    And sang the tale of light.... more »