Rain Storm Poems

A Filthy Mind

Saying one thing
And meaning another
Just speak your mind dammit
I can’t read it... more »

My Goodbye

I thought it would be so much worse than this
Never again tasting your kiss
But it seems so easy to forget
So easy to not care... more »

They Said.........

A game of He said,
A game of She said,
A game of He said She said,
Gone terribly wrong.... more »

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Comments about Rain Storm

Phantom Anonymous 18 May 2006 11:38
I absolutely looooooooooooooove your style. your poetry is soooooo tangeble. keep it up, i'm looking foward to more stuff from u
Phantom Anonymous 18 May 2006 11:29
I really like this poet's style u kinda remind me of a more suttle kind of poetry..........keep it up i'll check u out more regulaly now that i see your talent.