• *nameless*

    As the birds sing they open the mind..
    They find me asleep in my dreamful world.
    (Whats there you may ask)
    Its all there, filled with the possible and inprobable,... more »

  • A Filthy Mind

    Saying one thing
    And meaning another
    Just speak your mind dammit
    I can’t read it... more »

  • An Eternal Cry

    Your eyes are so sad,
    Oh what have they seen,
    Where did they take you
    For they've lost their gleam.... more »

  • Bad Timing Is Everything

    After all the dust had settled
    And all the wounds had healed
    They started to talk things over
    And something very surprising was revealed... more »

  • Bite

    OK so now from here where do I go
    I see the fork in the road
    So I’m going slow
    Left or right... more »

  • Can I...

    Can I get caught up in you
    Can I get engulfed
    Can I let my heart go
    And let me feel your love?... more »

  • Deception

    Did it hurt?
    Maybe a little,
    But the anger dulled the pain.... more »

  • Games Of Poetry

    When i play these games
    I play for procastination
    I play for mindful invasion
    I play out of loss... more »

  • Life Is But A Dream

    When life doesn't seem real
    Its not a great big deal.
    We dream our dreams at day,
    And at night... more »

  • Life's Waves

    Shall I build a wave for you
    Perhaps on which we may surf
    It will curve with utter grace and fall
    Perfectly in its place, to crumble what lies beneath... more »

  • Moments

    Theres a gentle song to your stressful day,
    When the sultriness of rolling wind can't be turned away.
    What a captivating moment
    And it sees me through,... more »

  • My Goodbye

    I thought it would be so much worse than this
    Never again tasting your kiss
    But it seems so easy to forget
    So easy to not care... more »

  • Of Your Melody - 4554

    ... more »

  • Priceless Figurines

    Unfair.... more »

  • Red*

    Especially dripping from my head,... more »

  • -smell Of Rum-

    The ant crawled on the marble floor
    The wind came crashing through the door
    Every toss and turn I took
    Brought me to the endless brook... more »

  • Summer Heat

    It was hot
    And I don’t mean hot
    I was on fire
    It was hot... more »

  • The Truth Is Probably A Lie

    'That's the truth baby, '
    That's what he said.
    After everything I knew
    Now I was being misled.... more »

  • They Said.........

    A game of He said,
    A game of She said,
    A game of He said She said,
    Gone terribly wrong.... more »

  • Things I Want (Xscratch That) - Things I Need

    I need to stop
    I need to think
    I need to see
    I need to... more »

  • To Speak Of Happy Things

    I want to speak of happy things,
    Like flying on love's wings,
    Like sitting beneath the palm trees
    As we talk about the birds and the bees.... more »

  • What Now

    Is it real.........
    Is it true........
    Or is it tainted............. more »