• 1825

    1825 days; my mind overflows of memories of you
    Only one to break the heart where I had roots
    With you, I felt complete
    And together we won when faced with defeat... more »

  • Augmented

    Earlier you were loving at my door
    But that's not us anymore
    You came and went
    We became fragments... more »

  • In The Lonely Hour

    In the lonely hour

    My paramour, why did you go?
    I waited for you here... more »

  • Insomnia

    ... more »

  • The Decree

    Dear love
    Has the ink dried yet?
    Where we once signed
    Under the same sky... more »

  • The Empty Space

    I look out my window
    Leaves falling
    Cars passing by
    People walking... more »

  • To Love

    Love left me
    In devastation
    In tears... more »

  • When I Sleep

    I close my eyes and dreamt of you
    Your green eyes light up my day
    I'm so in love with that smile too
    But you're a million miles away... more »

  • You That Found Me

    I am fragile; I am delicate
    The long days I dread
    My transgressions haunts me
    I cry myself to sleep... more »