Rainer Maria Rilke Comments (19)

where is you don't have to understand life listed
I'm looking for a poem that includes the wonderful line: and God explodes from his hiding place.
what is the Rilke poem about a couple in love but not totally blended....united but separated at the same time...
What is the Rilke poem about the old men of the sea who have survived manifestations of the feminine, harpies, gorgons, sirens, and now live crippled, defeated and in awe?
Liselotte, I think maybe God speaks to each of us is the one which you seek.
does anyone have Rilke's poem, The Garden of Olives?
I am searching a poem of Rilke, wehre God spoke to the the soul, befor beeinflusst born
Thank you for having these gorgeous, sometimes indescribable poems here for us. He is trying for things just beyond our reach. What a magnificent heart! ! ! !
I am searching for Rainer Maria Rolke's beautiful poem written about the liquid-filled eyes of the dumb animals at the manger adoring the Christ child.