RD Raj Dronamraju

Hello there,

My name is Raj Dronamraju.

I have previously published three volumes of poetry – THE RETURN OF THE MAGNIFICENT NINNY, SOLIDARITY WITH THE FLESH EATING MOSAIC, and TRAVELS WITH THE ANTI-JOHNNY APPLESEED on Post-Egoism press (not self published) . My publisher’s page for me is here http: //rajbooks.postegoism.net I am also the author of several novels.

In addition, I am the editor of a poetry and art magazine 21st Century Flow - Links can be found on my poetry blog www.rajdronamraju.wordpress.com.

I am an American living abroad in Malaysia. I am married to a Malaysian woman and teach English to make a living.



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I find Raj's poems extremely refined, amusing, entertaining, educational and admirable.
very nice and lovely poem