• A Mother's Lap

    Thousands lie buried in the lap of Mother,
    The Mother, who hitherto, sustained her progenies,
    Went berserk, for suffocated was She now,
    By the tall jungles of concrete and steel.... more »

  • Sleepless In Mumbai

    It's another hectic day in fast, non-stop life in Mumbai
    Robed in solitude, I lie on the bed awake at midnight
    The crows crow undeterred by the serenity of the night
    A cat stalks a pigeon on my balcony... more »

  • The Lost Childhood

    It's not one of the balmiest days
    The tropical, bright and the silvery Sun burnt her skin
    But near the bus stop before a motley crowd
    Displaying her acrobatic skills... more »