• A Homage To The Freedom Fighters Of India

    “A Free India” - That was your only passion

    Thanks to your sacrifices, today we are an independent nation.... more »

  • A Tribute To Queen Elizabeth Ii Of U.K.

    I salute you, Your Majesty The Queen
    I am so proud that I am a contemporary of your glorious reign.

    Your presence is the backbone of your country, the all beautiful England... more »

  • An Ode To My Cell Phone

    You are my bridge for keeping touch with everybody

    Without you my life would simply have become completely shoddy.... more »

  • Ancestral Property - The Curse Of The Human Society

    It is you who turns a happy family into a stinking gutter
    By creating an irreparable rift among brothers.

    It is you, who turns siblings into warring enemies... more »

  • Arunachal Pradesh – The Picturesque Land Of Dawn Lit Mountains

    “The Land of Dawn Lit Mountains”, Arunachal Pradesh is captivating, enchanting and amazing

    Representing an out-of-the-world natural beauty that one can imagine only in dreams.... more »

  • Assange – The Information Warrior With A Cause

    Our dear Assange, you are a gutsy information warrior with a noble cause

    You are the “Internet Knight” who has made all the world powers to suffer such a huge image loss.... more »

  • Calcutta - My Dear Hometown

    Calcutta - my dear hometown, and a city of art, culture and grace
    Calcutta - the city that is famous for its gorgeous palaces.

    Calcutta - the city of poets, litterateurs, painters, cinema giants and other cultural luminaries... more »

  • Dalai Lama – The Gritty Peace Lover

    Dalai Lama – the gritty peace lover, for whom “Peace” is not an excuse to avoid conflict and adversity

    But a powerful tool to counter his adversaries with composure and dignity.... more »

  • Darjeeling – The Shangri-La In Eastern Himalayas

    Protected by the mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga, and caressed by green carpets of tea gardens

    Darjeeling is such a beautiful place, even with its thick fog and rains.... more »

  • Dear Facebook, I Am So Indebted To You

    You help me to find out all my long lost good friends

    The people who many years back used to occupy in my life such a prominent place.... more »

  • Ecotourism – The Call Of The Day

    Ecotourism – A great way to use tourism for generating grassroots level employment

    While also strengthening the conservation of the local culture, natural resources and environment.... more »

  • Fight Back, “the Land Of The Rising Sun”

    A combined attack of a major earthquake and tsunami – for any other country it would have been a major blow
    But the country in question is Japan, which is known for not letting any disaster make its morale low.

    “The Land Of The Rising Sun”, Japan managed to stand up from the shambles of Hiroshima bombing... more »

  • Financial Crisis – The Worst Curse A Man Can Have

    It is neither a failed marriage nor a failed affair nor even an ill health

    The worst curse a man can have is when he lacks even the basic wealth.... more »

  • Happy Independence Day To My Fellow Indians

    Wish a Happy Independence Day to all my Indian brothers and sisters
    And they include all, from corporate honchos to factory labours.... more »

  • Hats Off To You, Mr. E-Mail

    There was a time when the letter would take days to reach the receiver
    And there was always the tension that the letter would reach the destination never.

    It was a time consuming communication method, and very uncertain as well... more »

  • Health Is Wealth

    Health is our most precious wealth, I hope you agree
    No doubt, health is the sweetest fruit of our life’s tree.... more »

  • Hearty Congratulations To Ms. Kiran Desai

    Please accept a ton of hearty congratulations, our beloved Ms. Kiran Desai

    By being the youngest woman ever to win the Booker Prize you have made we Indians feel so high.... more »

  • Honing My Poetic Skill

    I had not written any poem for long, when my friend told me that day

    “Hey Raja, you have not written any poem for long. Very unfortunate, I would say.... more »

  • Human Blood

    I am the same inside James Brown, a Roman Catholic American

    I am the same inside a Buddhist Chinese, named Miao Chan.... more »

  • I Am An Indian

    Neither Bengali nor Punjabi nor Tamil nor any other Indian community

    I am an Indian who identifies himself with the entire Indian fraternity.... more »

  • I Was Working At My Office...

    I was working at my office, and was feeling very exhausted
    And wanted to do something to get my energy boosted.

    And what better ways can there be for that than writing a poetry?... more »

  • I Wish I Could Die

    I wish I could die, so that my problems would come to an end in no time
    I desperately want to get rid of my pains and sufferings that seem to have reached their prime.

    I wish I could die, as for me good time appears to be permanently elusive... more »

  • India - The Plethora Of Natural Beauties

    'Colourful Personified! ' This is precisely what can be said
    When one sees the natural beauties of India, so rich and varied.

    It is here that you can see chilly mountains crowned with white snow... more »

  • Jaipur – The City Of Magnificence And Past Glory

    Jaipur – the city of magnificence and past glory

    Jaipur – the city of gorgeous palaces, each of which has an interesting story.... more »

  • Jammu & Kashmir – The Paradise On Earth

    Jammu & Kashmir – where snow-white mountains are immersed into deep meditation from pre-historic times

    Jammu & Kashmir – where mountain streams are flowing with sweet sounds, as if little children are reciting their nursery rhymes.... more »