• For All Eternity

    I still remember that mysterious night,
    When I saw your face so white and bright,
    You were lying near that silvery stream,
    Yes, of course you were in my dream.... more »

  • Just One Bite

    You like what you like and hate what you hate,
    But know you must that fate can't wait.
    For eons you tried to put thoughts out of your mind,
    You had perfect vision but chose to remain blind.... more »

  • Lifestory

    With tears in my eyes, I entered this world,
    So harmless, so feeble, I could barely utter any name.
    Support I needed all the time, everywhere
    Oblivious of the mortal game.... more »

  • Lonely Dreams

    Gazing at the moon, I spent some nights.
    Thinking of you in my lonely dreams.
    Such beauty, a wonder -filled heart,
    Tried I hard but you could not be found.... more »

  • Master And Disciple

    Who am I? I asked myself in solitude,
    There was no answer I could get.
    I wonder, is it so difficult to know the answer?
    Here I am, living the life of a fly,... more »

  • My Dear Friend

    I was waiting for this moment since a long time,
    I know I won't be able to make it a rhyme,
    I've tried my best and left no stone unturned,
    So I think, for this mistake I should be pardoned.... more »

  • Not An Imagination

    How many days have passed?
    I am not able to remember.
    How many poems i have written?
    I am not able to count.... more »

  • O Brother

    This is not the end of the world but just another excuse by destiny,
    To make us move away from dreams, we had dreamt together.
    Pains and pains, too many of them cling to my heart everyday,
    Sweet memories dampen my eyes and the mind shivers O brother.... more »

  • Smoking With Satan

    For the time that would come someday
    To mark the warrior a ruffian,
    A rebel, an outcast in the society
    Who started smoking with Satan.... more »

  • The Deepest Desire

    Here I am with a broken heart,
    Searching for you in the desert of life,
    Just entered my name in the devil's chart,
    Who'll come for my throat aimed at his knife.... more »

  • The Earth

    Shining like a blue body in the space,
    Floating in the sky, round and round,
    You circle around the mighty sun,
    To the glaring flare you are bound.... more »

  • The Ecstasy

    Surfing around in the material world sea,
    I was searching for it, it was waiting for me,
    Full of desires and set to be free,
    Pining all the time for ecstasy.... more »

  • The King Is Born

    I felt so lonely in this earthly sojourn,
    This life seemed so wrethched and there was no fun.
    Unaware of the saviour who came here for me,
    Neither love could I find, nor joy could I see.... more »

  • The Questioning

    Who listens the cries of this battered mind?
    I wonder who takes the pain to risk everything
    And walk on the path of caring for a stranger.
    Frozen tears rolling down the eyes,... more »

  • The Verdict

    The saint went to see the war
    And heard the cries of men afar,
    He found flesh and blood here and there
    The smell of sulphur in the air.... more »

  • This Is Life

    O how life has changed!
    I was a small child, so feeble so innocent,
    Running around the trees with my little friends,
    No worries and no fear, absolutely free from riddles of life.... more »

  • Timeless Agony

    I was born to suffer - I don't believe,
    The midnight moon is laughing - see, watch, wonder.
    The bottle of wine in my hand is dry,
    Waiting, still waiting for the time,... more »

  • Wandering Thoughts

    Words of wisdom are unable to console the heart,
    Too many hazy thoughts wander in the mind.
    I tried to flung all of them to distant terrains,
    Weak efforts failed to separate them from me.... more »

  • Your Friendship

    Nothing makes my heart more happy
    Than a sweet smile on your face
    Nobody plays a game of cards with me
    Like you play O king of ace... more »