• Believe In Yourself

    when time dissappoints you very much
    no matter how many will come and feel your touch
    when you feel like lacking, then be oneself
    And dont get waver, just believe in yourself... more »

  • Friendship

    Like a light comes out from bold Demons
    alike juice comes out from old Lemons
    And when heart speaks more than words
    with a e'er chanting comes out from birds... more »

  • Moments

    If you are on a long excursion
    just still yourself for a moment
    or if you are a sector of a crew
    just garner your memories for a moment... more »

  • Nature

    Time when flowers blossoms everywhere
    and beings comes out from shells somewhere
    with a salutary feel of immense fragrance
    then its on The call of nature, at glance... more »

  • Politics

    Politics! ! do we know this
    yes we do
    as we go on move onto... more »