• A New Dawn!

    Silence was all around,
    Only a lone koyal was cooing in its eternal sound,
    Welcoming the fresh ray of light,
    That bless us with the might,... more »

  • Am I A Proud Indian?

    I am proud to be born in this land of saints,
    Now, where you will find nothing but taints.
    I am proud to be born in this land of varied religions,
    Now, where you will find nothing but faint pigeons.... more »

  • Dear Mum

    Forgive me mum,
    I was dumb!
    I didn’t see your love,
    And flew away like a dove.... more »

  • In My Dream!

    Early dawn in my dreams I transformed into a colorful butterfly!
    I flew around the earth,
    Touching the wet sands,
    The beautiful flowers,... more »

  • Life

    What is life? A wink of breath that we take every second
    to reach our death.
    Heaven is the living witness to it,
    who sees us undergoing life and death.... more »

  • Loneliness

    I was one among them,
    But not with them.
    They were all around me,
    Falling on each other,... more »

  • Love And Him

    He looked,
    And I turned beautiful,
    He kissed,
    And I turned sweet... more »

  • Love Lost

    It was a dream come true,
    Of which I didn’t had a clue,
    He proposed me,
    Hearing which I was in glee.... more »

  • True Beauty

    Nature is what all I wanted to write about,
    Like the great Wordsworth did;
    Never was or is I am successful in doing so.
    The red rose in my neighborhood stands as pretty as ever,... more »