Rajnish Manga 1951

Born at Meerut (UP) . Studied at Delhi, Najibabad and Dehradun. I am a retired banker. Started writing poems in Hindi at the age of 15. Later, written many short stories in Hindi. I have also done translation of English poetry and stories into Hindi.


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There are times when the pain becomes a torture for a man. But the phoenix is always supposed to rise from the ashes. So let us not be bogged down by depression but we must confront the adversities slowly but firmly.
How to face the adversities?
Aakash ko chhoo lena aasan hai par dharti par tike rahna aur apna santulan kaayam rakhna mushkil hai. आकाश को छू लेना आसान है पर धरती पर टिके रहना और अपना संतुलन कायम रखना मुश्किल है. It is easier to touch sky than being able to stay grounded and to maintain our balance.
Aakash ko chhoo lena

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This is the time to greet great Indian poet Rajnish Manga as he is featured as the one of the most popular poets from India in Home Page (Front page) of Poem Hunter. He is also placed on top 500 poets of the world for many times. I heartily congratulate him. I am wishing him a grand success.
Rajnish Manga is also a very good reviewer of poems and encourages other poets through his precious comments.I am proud to be his compatriot and feel lucky to have read his poems and find him as a friend He is a very humble and generous human being.I am very glad to see him in the list of top 500 world poets and congratulate him for his great success.(part-2)
Rajnish Manga is a great poet from India who has carved a niche in international field of literature.A talented writer in English, Hindi and Urdu he wins many a heart by his beautiful writings.He has translated many poems of English classical poets into Hindi and brought them to Indian readership.I have read some of his wonderful translations on PoemHunter. (Part-1)