• …and Slowly The Pieces Began To Fall

    Looking from the outside,
    At a life I live today.
    I wonder where the end began,
    I wonder when I died.... more »

  • And There You Go Slipping Away...

    I try to hold on to you so tight,
    But you always end up victorious in the fight.
    I try to hold you close,
    And never let you go away... more »

  • Introspection

    There I stand; staring at myself.
    Could I have been anybody else?
    Could I have changed what was meant for me?
    Or did I have to surrender to destiny?... more »

  • Iraq

    Two dreams vaporized into dust,
    Two nations displayed cold eyed lust.
    Two kids played in the sand that day,... more »

  • Mother

    She’s got a garden in her backyard,
    Two plantlets, waiting to become plants,
    She waters them everyday with care,
    She wants them to grow, oh so fast!... more »

  • Rain! ! !

    The sun is covered, its glory lost;
    The earth shivers, shrouded in frost.
    As the light of day faded,
    Clouds of rain paraded.... more »

  • The Conflict Between Black And White

    All these shades of gray,
    Nibbling into my black and white
    Will one day convince me,
    That they are, but black and white.... more »

  • The Path To Desolate Dreams...

    There’s a path I’ve never walked on,
    There’s a road left forlorn,
    There’s a place where desolate dreams come true,
    But that’s a place I can’t go with you.... more »

  • Waited Too Long...

    Waiting to die, he reflected on his past.
    Waiting for the right time,
    He let life pass.... more »

  • Waiting

    Shuffling down this path of gloom,
    I observe there is much more room.
    Fear dominates cheer here,
    And sweat is replaced by the tear.... more »

  • Waiting For You...

    …and years go by waiting for you,
    A lonely cry, a moist tear,
    Is all the company I have here.... more »