Ralph Waldo Emerson Comments (9)

It was really heart touching
It is really nice
This poème is very memorable to us. It help me have a reference for my study of American poetry
Your too good poet
We have found a never-before-seen rough draft of Emerson's famed poem FABLE. See it at: http: //printfromvintage.com/2016/02/16/found-a-handwritten-poem-by-ralph-waldo-emerson-in-a-book-from-1845/ It was handwritten in the back of a book from 1845 and later published with a correction in his book POEMS in 1846.
Who else loves Emerson a LOT? I personally love him.
Emerson is a truly unique gift of the god to literature. A poet greatly recognized forever and everywhere. Hats off him.
If he would be alive I would tell him: a. If a worst is, that man knows, it is ridiculous to be scared of unknown. b. If a best is, that man knows, it is smart to be scared of unknown. The question is: ''Who is happier? '' Dear Ralph Waldo Emerson! In spite you were b. and I am a. I consider myself happier than you were. That is why I share and like much all your minor verse
No finer Poet in the World. Emerson is one of a kind, a unique, eloquent Master of the Word and Phrase