• ' The Life Of A Siren

    I've seen the sea singing to the Sun,
    A song of love, lost in the wind,
    I've seen the Moon crying to the mountains,
    Between screams and shouts, asking questions.... more »

  • A Story Within A Story

    Did you see that old tree,
    That stands near the small river,
    Seems like he’s used to see
    The moon that is dressed-up in silver.... more »

  • A Thousand Kisses Deep

    I always dream of your beautiful face,
    I always dream of your beautiful body,
    I feel the desire of love, to embrace,
    The passion and lust I want to embody.... more »

  • Blue Eyes

    Big questions of life fly in your mind,
    Big feelings of pain I can see behind
    Those beautiful blue eyes.... more »

  • Characterization

    I am the only being of sanguinary sights,
    My heart is full of shadows, of hate,
    In vain I am looked for by beautiful knights
    Inwordly I have no more the sacred virgin state.... more »

  • Chinese Cookie

    A sweet rain is crossing my street,
    Whispers of pain make my spirit bleed,
    Voices in my head, whispers I hear:
    Open it, open it, maybe it's your dear,... more »

  • Destiny

    Dealing with your life in a nowhere land,
    Establishing connections, but breaking something else,
    Surrounded by the sharks, hiding for happiness,
    Trying to fight desires, dreams and passions that can tempt... more »

  • Dialogue

    I'll make you a carpet of kisses,
    To walk on my love and my lips,
    To feel what every woman misses,
    To give to your life all the bliss.... more »

  • Fake

    Fake the smiles you want to share,
    For the sunrise of the hopes,
    Fake the feelings you don't bare,
    For the blessing of the popes.... more »

  • Fly Away

    How does it feel to cross the mountains,
    How does it feel to cross the sea,
    To find your only love in countries
    That you have never thought you'll be!... more »

  • Freedom

    Dreamlands of passion call my name,
    From the abyss of the darkness,
    And I am here struggling in vain,
    Searching the path to success.... more »

  • Hope Was Made Of Steel

    Hope was made of steel,
    When people were so sad,
    They tried to see, to feel,
    That dreaming wasn't bad.... more »

  • Interior Life

    Great minds talk ideas of life,
    Of lasting successes for beautiful brides,
    Of pleasure and feelings that cut like a knife
    The flesh to the bones of who it's soul hides.... more »

  • Intruders

    I catch myself dreaming while I hear
    A sudden noise that makes me
    Come to my senses, fear,
    Of all the things that I see,... more »

  • Letter

    In the heart of fire,
    In the flames of pain,
    I scream for desire
    But I scream in vain.... more »

  • Love Matters

    Time will tell,
    If you will still love me,
    And time will tell
    If you will be mine,... more »

  • Negril Beach

    Hmm... such a fresh air I smell
    On the beach of the dreamland,
    Hmm… the sun seems to fit so well,
    On the mantel of the golden sand.... more »

  • Our World

    Tick, tick...
    Silence...... more »

  • People

    Here I am surrounded by people
    That think they can get what I
    Don't want to give, and things are simple,
    Well, people like this cannot just stop by.... more »

  • Prayer To The Son Of God

    Just give the world Good Morning,
    Wish for the sun to shine,
    Don't give the wind the warning,
    He knows that we are fine.... more »

  • Questions

    I dreamed all the stars and the sky,
    So what?
    I saw all the beauties of life,
    For what?... more »

  • Scared

    Oh you, who's always doubting
    Of forces of the nature,
    Creating your life painting
    Of dreams that denature...... more »

  • Searching

    I see you every day escaping,
    From all the things you need to do,
    You try to save your soul from breaking,
    But in the end you know it's true.... more »

  • Sins

    Symmetry and balance they say
    Are the measures of everyday living,
    And there is a very high price you pay
    For being a free soul that doesn't care giving.... more »

  • Solutions

    Fight, fight, fight,
    For all the things you dream about
    And dream, dream, dream,
    For all the things you need to fight.... more »