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A friend of mine has uploaded my original poems (which I was not aware of) along with other poems that she liked (including Pray don't find fault) . I do not take credit for any of those poems that I didn't write. Sorry for the inadvertent inclusion of those poems. Rama M
If you see the section, it is titled Popular poems. Poem hunter captions any poem uploaded here as [owner]'s poems. I'm pretty certain that there wouldn't be claims of having authored that poem. Please give people a little credit instead of throwing words like 'plagiarism' around.
Pray don't find fault is not authored by Rama Muthukrishnan, it is an Author Unknown that has been published by Dear Abby in 79/80/81ish, I have had a copy since then. Another person has stated that they have known of the poem for over 50.
i'm 47 years of age and when my mother was a teenage long before my oldest sibling (5 years my senior) was born she wrote a number of poems in her handwriting in a book which we still have and cherish today.Pray Don'T Find Fault being one of them so i would appreciate that this Rama Muthukrishan don't try stealing that which is not their own. Vernon Alfred Philip
You are correct Sherlock. This poem is in my grandmothers scrapbook and she would be over 100 now. Unless this poet is 100 years old he/she could not have wrote it.
I know nothing about Rama Muthukrishnan except that if she claims the 'Pray don't find fault with the man who limps.. ' poem is her own she is a plagiarist.