• Childhood Days

    Days filled with care free chatter;
    Innocent laughter, harmless banter
    Castles made of sand and clay,
    Golden evenings of fun and play,... more »

  • Empowered Woman

    Hours of insult and humiliation,
    Days of repression and muted slavery,
    Years of ignorance and illiteracy,
    Decades of endless sufferings endured... more »

  • I Am God

    'Where is God? ' asked the child,
    So young, so innocent.
    ' He is here, He is there
    He is everywhere' said the mother... more »

  • I Bowed.

    'What do you want, my child?
    He asked,
    Compassion and Benevolence being His nature.... more »

  • If Love Is ……….

    If Love is the core of our being
    The seeds of hatred, who did the sowing?... more »

  • Learn A Lesson

    Don’t fell me, O, man! !
    Learn a lesson.

    I had my life in a seed... more »

  • Let Me Be…

    A kite

    Colourful and
    Flying high in the sky... more »

  • Love The Tribute

    Child woman, cocooned in mother's lap:
    In a rustic village, far away from city's trap.
    Naïve, simple, like a stone
    Uncut, unpolished, she never shone.... more »

  • Nature’s Gift

    The celestial union of sun and sea
    The skies delighted in joyous glee
    Dark, pregnant clouds graceful in their float
    The raven beauty, her beauty may a poets wrote,... more »

  • Pray Don'T Find Fault

    Pray don't find fault with the man who limps
    or stumbles along the road,
    unless you have worn the shoes he wears
    or struggled beneath his load.... more »

  • Price Of Success

    A milky white bird in graceful flight
    He knows no enemies, nor in fright
    Soaring up in the air so high
    With silver oar across the sky.... more »

  • Shining Light

    Railroads and freeways
    Sky routes and waterways.

    Where did the journey begin?... more »

  • The Eternal Teacher

    Calming breeze; cooling pond;
    Lotus blooms: buzzing bees;
    Distant, soulful cuckoo’s song... more »

  • The Music Of Silence

    I strut with pride,
    “ I am so accomplished”
    I talk in arrogant tone
    “ Can you measure up to me? ”... more »

  • Thoughts Have Great Power.

    Thoughts are like seeds you plant in your mind.
    The more you hold onto a particular thought, the more power you invest in it.
    Positive thoughts give us energy and strength.
    Negative thoughts rob us of power and make us feel tired and strained.... more »

  • To My Dear Mother.

    AN Ode to My Mother
    Days of uneaten food, unclosed eyelid,
    Months that weighed heavily your mid,
    Hours you spent labouring for breath,... more »