RS Ramakrushna Sahu 30th January 1954

Master degree in literature (Odiya) .Poet and writer. lover of philosophy. An explorer of truth of life and the existence.


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Poetry does not speak out truth but keep it secret. It does not serve but inspire to explore. It is not the form but the essence, the fragrance of an unseen flower.  **  Poetry is born not out of mere thoughts and words but of living the reality from moment to moment. Life lived in any external medium is but a life of corpse.
Poetry and life
Poetry exists prior to the poet. It descends through the human mind and a poet is born. Poets come and go but poetry remains for ever. Poetry comes when the poet is absent, because poetry is not a making but a happening.
Poet & poetry
Poetry is a children's game played in adulthood. There is neither defeat nor victory, neither reward nor punishment in it. It is so delicate a game that one should not be tricky, clever and cunning to play foul. One must be sincere, simple and honestly playful like children while writing poetry.
Writing poetry

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I have yet to read his poetry, but his quotes speak of a thoughtful mind